Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving

“Every problem is a gift. Without them, we would not grow” – Tony Robin

Leadership Skills – Problem Solving

What is problem solving? Problems are just opportunities in workwear. — Henry Kaiser

Organizations can only improve if they constantly seek out and solve their problems. Solving organizational problems goes beyond simple decision making. Problem solving is the act of defining a problem; determine the cause of the problem; identify, prioritize and select alternatives for a solution; and implementing a solution. Having good, solid problem-solving skills can make a huge difference to your success as a leader.

brings you an indispensable guide for business and management learners to develop their professional problem-solving skills for real organizational contexts

Understand the concept of creativity

Part of your job as a manager is to foster new ideas. But how do you build a team with the right mix of skills and perspectives to promote creativity? Creativity is the ability to come up with new and different ideas or fixed revolutionary ways of thinking. Learn how to manage an intellectually diverse workgroup and its environment to produce more and better ideas that encourage innovation during product and work process development.

Understand business strategy

Management perspectives and procedures have been revolutionized by more and more innovations in recent years. It is no longer possible to follow traditional approaches to developing your organization’s direction, management and effectiveness. Senior managers must be good decision makers. In this section, we introduce the concepts of strategy, strategic planning, strategic leadership, their exact meaning and associated terms, and how to use them.