– Communication Skills

Communication models

In the field of communication studies, there are many models. No model is suitable for all uses and all levels of analysis. Some common patterns are known as the Lasswell pattern, George Gerbner pattern, David Berlo pattern, Shanon and Weaver pattern, Osgoods pattern, and Schramm pattern. All of these describe the four components of the communication process, namely source (communicator), message, channel, receiver (audience).

Narcissistic Leadership

Narcissistic leadership is a style of leadership in which the leader is only interested in themselves. Narcissists are good for businesses that need people with vision and the courage to take them in new directions. Such leaders can sometimes be very successful, but it is a style to follow. Learn the different types of narcissistic leadership and the characteristics of these leaders.

Narrative leadership style

Narrative leadership is interpreted as the leader who aspires to build leadership by telling stories. Leadership is a task of persuasion, of winning people’s minds and hearts. Storytelling is therefore intrinsically suited to the task of leadership. Discover the narrative leadership style and how to use this style to inspire and motivate followers or to manage change.