Civil Aerospace: Civil Aircraft Manufacturing Industry

This article discusses the sectors of the civil aerospace sector and its sub-sectors, products and services. This article provides an overview of the definition, industry products, industry activities, and global locations.

The global commercial aircraft manufacturing industry consists of companies that produce complete civil aircraft; aerospace engines, propulsion units, auxiliary equipment or parts; prototypes of aerospace products; aircraft conversion; and complete overhaul and rebuilding of aircraft or propulsion systems. An aircraft manufacturer is a company or person involved in the various aspects of the design, construction, testing, sale and maintenance of aircraft, aircraft parts, missiles, rockets or devices. spatial. Leading companies like Boeing, United Technologies Corporation and Lockheed Martin Corp. are among the best-known aerospace manufacturers in the world.

The civil aircraft manufacturing sub-sector is responsible for the production of aircraft engines and engine parts, general aircraft, large commercial aircraft (LCA), regional aircraft and other auxiliary parts and equipment. The industry has global revenues of $150 billion.

Industry products:

  • Aircraft engines and engine parts
  • General plane
  • Large Commercial Aircraft (LCA)
  • Regional aircraft
  • Rotorcraft and business jets
  • Other parts and auxiliary equipment

Industry Activities:

  • aircraft manufacturing
  • Manufacture of aerospace engines, propulsion units, auxiliary equipment or parts
  • Development and production of prototypes.
  • Aircraft conversion
  • Complete overhaul of aircraft or propulsion systems

Important Global Locations:

Important civil aerospace industry locations around the world include Seattle, Dayton, Ohio and St. Louis in the United States (Boeing), Montreal in Canada (Bombardier), Toulouse in France and Hamburg in Germany (both Airbus/EADS ), North West England and Bristol in the UK (BAE Systems, Airbus and AgustaWestland), as well as São José dos Campos in Brazil where Embraer is based.

Market players:

  • Boeing
  • Bomber
  • EADS
  • General electricity company
  • Rolls Royce industry

Industry analysis and industry trends:

The global commercial aircraft manufacturing industry experienced turbulent conditions in the five years to 2012, but was able to manage without a significant impact on profits. Revenues are estimated to be around $150 billion and the industry will experience very strong revenue growth in 2006 and 2007 due to sustained demand from developing countries due to growing demand for air travel and fleet replacements of planes. This has created a strong backlog for large producers, which has given them an advantageous position during the recent economic downturn.