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Insurance is a contract between two parties, the insurer or insurance company and the insured or the person applying for insurance, whereby the insurer undertakes to cover the risk of the insured against certain future events or losses specified, in exchange for a regular payment from the insured as a premium. The insurance industry is made up of a variety of stakeholders and provides products and services designed to protect businesses and individuals against risk. Players in the insurance industry offer risk coverage to their customers and must simultaneously manage their own risks to ensure the competitiveness and profitability of their business model. Insurance companies are adopting strategies unique to the environment in which they operate to overcome these challenges and propel growth and market share in a global environment. This section helps learners understand key concepts, terminology, issues and challenges associated with the insurance industry.

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Overview of the insurance sector

The insurance development industry includes companies and individuals who underwrite and sell insurance policies, administer and regulate them. Insurance is a means of protection against financial loss. It is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of eventual and uncertain loss. The insurance industry manages the risk to people and businesses from the dangers of their current situation. Insurance policies are protection against the vagaries of life.

Importance of insurance

Insurance policies are protection against the vagaries of life. The insurance policy not only helps to mitigate risk but also provides a financial cushion against adverse financial burdens incurred. From a macro perspective, the insurance industry transforms capital accumulated in the form of premiums into productive investments, thereby fostering business and commercial activities that result in sustainable economic growth of the economy.

Types of insurance

Insurance is classified according to risk, type and hazards. Logically, any quantifiable risk can potentially be insured. Understand the importance of insurance and the different types of insurance such as life insurance or personal insurance, property insurance, marine insurance, fire insurance, liability insurance, guaranteed insurance.

Insurance industry sectors

The insurance industry classifies the different products it offers by sector. The insurance industry is made up of companies that offer risk management in the form of insurance contracts. There are four main insurance sectors: the life and health insurance industry, the general insurance industry, the specialty insurance industry and the reinsurance industry. This article describes the current sectors of the insurance industry and their associated activities, products and services.

What is the life and health insurance sector?

Insurers in this sector directly underwrite insurance policies relating to life, health, accident and medical risks. Life and annuity insurance not only covers life and annuities, but also health and disability. Learn more about the health and life insurance industry. Life and health insurers generate revenue not only through the specific business of insurance underwriting, but also by investing premiums.

What is the general insurance sector?

General insurance industry providers perform an essential function in today’s economy. General insurance is generally defined as any insurance that is not considered life insurance. Depending on the type of occupation, risk exposure and money involved, insurance may be different for each industry or business. By taking out insurance policies, general insurers earn premiums which they then invest.

What is the reinsurance industry?

A primary insurer purchases reinsurance to limit its exposure, usually to a specific type of risk, thereby diversifying its risk portfolio. Companies in this sector focus on assuming all or part of the risk associated with existing insurance policies originally underwritten by direct insurers. In other words, the main activity of this industry is to insure insurance companies. Reinsurance occurs when several insurance companies share the risk by purchasing insurance policies from other insurers.

The business model of the insurance industry

The insurance industry business model can be categorized into two main business types, service domain and support domain. The activities of the service domain constitute the value chain of the enterprise and the support domain provides the infrastructure and support necessary to support the value chain. Support activities may include general services, finance, human resources, or information systems and technology.