– Treasury Management Systems

Treasury systems can provide a range of benefits to a company’s treasury.

Below are commonly used solutions for cash management:

Corporate treasury systems

Corporate treasury systems that cover issues such as debt management, risk management, cash pooling, corporate finance, etc.

Cash flow management systems

These products allow companies to manage financial flows by monitoring and analyzing income and expenses. They provide cash flow analysis and forecasting tools to ensure and maintain solvency and liquidity helping to improve the flow of finance.

Debt management systems

Solutions and tools to process and manage the cost and risk characteristics of a debt portfolio while estimating payments.

Corporate financial systems

Software and services designed for corporate finance by analyzing exchange data related to funds management, transactions, foreign rates and market data.

Transaction capture systems

Software and systems that deal with processing and capturing financial transactions and also provide real-time information such as news and prices to enable sound decision-making.

Cash analysis systems

Analyze cash data to find trends with the goal of improving asset management and cash liquidity.