– Treasury Management – Why?

With the ever-increasing pace of regulatory, compliance, and technology change in the financial industry, treasury must become a strategic business partner across the enterprise, adding value to the company’s operating divisions.

Today, treasury management has evolved as a specialized function, managing activities that were traditionally carried out within the general finance function. Some of the reasons for this change are:

Rise of conglomerates

– They have complex operating structures with multiple subsidiaries, cross-border joint ventures, and numerous legal entities that make visioning a business a daunting task.


– These conglomerates operate in multiple countries and are exposed to many types of financial and currency risks.

International markets

– are known for their competitiveness where the dynamic changes very quickly.


– evolve very rapidly, compliance requirements become more stringent and business practices more sophisticated over time


– We now have a dedicated cash management expert available, backed by world-class cash management systems