What is Sap Basis

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A set of intermediate programs and tools that provide the underlying foundation that allows applications to be interoperable between operating systems. SAP Basis includes an RDBMS, a GUI and a client-server architecture. Beyond the interface aspect of Basis, it also includes components such as a data dictionary as well as user and system administration.

The basis is the administration of the SAP system. It is a middleware that connects the application to the database and the operating system. The database is most often associated with the graphic interface of the SAP.

It consists of the following applications/sub-modules/screens:

  1. Security (CB – SEC)
  2. Application Link Activation (ALE)
  3. Remote Function Calls (RFCs)
  4. Object linking and embedding (OLE)
  5. Common Program Interface Communications (CPI-C)
  6. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  7. Customization (BC-CUS)
  8. ABAP programming and execution environment (BC – ABA)
  9. Client-server technology (BC – CST)
  10. Network integration (BC – NET)
  11. Basic services/Communication interfaces (BC – SRV)
  12. Computing Center Management System (BC – CCM)
  13. General upgrade (BC – UPG)
  14. Change and transport system (BC – CTS)
  15. Operating System Platform (BC – OP)
  16. Database interface, database platforms (BC – DB)
  17. Front-end services (BC – FES)
  18. ABAP Workshop (BC – DWB)
  19. Documentation and translation tools (BC – DOC)
  20. Controls and control framework (BC – CI)
  21. Business Management (BC – BMT)
  22. Middleware (BC – MID)
  23. Computer-Assisted Testing Tool (BC – CAT)
  24. Ready to run R/3 (BC – BRR)
  25. Permission System Monitoring with CCMS Workload Alert Monitor