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Overview of the chemical industry

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brings you chemical industry overview, business model, value chain, competitive landscape and latest trends. The chemical industry is made up of thousands of companies around the world that use basic raw materials to produce chemicals of commercial value to consumers and other industries. At the heart of the modern global economy, it converts raw materials (oil, natural gas, air, water, metals and minerals) into more than 70,000 different products. This section is designed to be useful to consulting firms, industry investors, IT professionals working in the chemical or manufacturing field, and businesses of any size that sell products or services to the chemical sector and industries; organizations seeking knowledge and key business information/skills in chemicals. Rapidly improve your business acumen in the field of chemistry and impress your stakeholders at your next meeting!

Overview of the chemical industry

The chemical industry is essential to the economic development of any country, providing products and technical solutions in virtually all sectors of the economy. This article provides an overview of the chemical industry, explaining the definition and processes in the chemical field. Learn about the different segments of the chemical industry and what they do. A brief discussion of the major players in the chemical field and their impact on the global and US economy.

History of the chemical industry

This article provides a concise history of the chemical industry. How the chemical industry has grown and changed over time. Explore the journey of the chemical industry from the beginnings to the 21st century. Chemicals have been produced for thousands of years. The history of the chemical industry dates back to ancient times, when alkali and limestone were combined to make glass, and sulfur and saltpeter became an explosive similar to modern gunpowder.

Chemical industry sectors

Basically, the chemical industry can be divided into two sectors; basic/basic chemicals and specialty chemicals. The basic chemicals are made by many different companies, but the end product is generally the same with very little variation. There are also other segmentations for this industry. Understand the main sectors of the chemical field.

Significance/impact of the chemical industry

The chemical industry is engaged in the development, optimization and monitoring of fundamental chemical processes used in industry to transform raw materials and precursors into commercial products useful to society. Learn more about the importance and impact of the chemical industry on agriculture, the environment, hygiene, food, paint, etc.

Chemical industry business model and value chain

Understand the three critical business models applied by the chemical industry to create value for its customers; asset-based business model, integrated business model and specialized business model. This article also explains the chemical industry value chain and provides some practical examples for better understanding.

Chemical industry supply chain

This article explains the chemical industry supply chain and discusses key issues such as the importance of supply chain management and why the chemical industry needs to focus on supply chain management . Understand the key factors influencing the chemical industry supply chain and strategies to overcome current challenges.

Trends in the chemical industry

Industry trends are examined to make predictions. This article discusses trends in the chemical industry, including trends related to consumer behavior, employment, technological advancements, new product development, competition, government standards, and other factors that have an impact on the industry.