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is an internationally renowned development and management training organization that provides business process, industry domain and leadership training, including seminars, business simulations and business training products to clients around the world.


Our mission is to enhance the business skills of management professionals and to use executive development as a tool to facilitate and implement strategic plans. Today we are one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

Over the past 20 years, we have worked successfully with over 120,000 managers and senior executives from more than 200 of the world’s largest industrial companies and service organizations. Our innovative series of courses and tutorials have helped change the way professionals think about their careers. Our staff includes industry-experienced instructors, alumni of the nation’s leading business schools, former training managers, and award-winning instructional and software designers.

Domain experts

Technofunc provides skills that help professionals create an edge to succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace. In the modern world, three areas have emerged as a way to improve the financial performance of organizations and the development of employee leadership. It is domain expertise combined with an understanding of business processes and effective leadership skills. Technofunc is an attempt to equip today’s professionals with these three key skills to help them build an edge for success in their professional careers.

Technofunc is dedicated to professionals by creating opportunities for growth through optimal use of their time and talents with the flexibility to develop their business skills. We help technical and functional experts maximize their learning using expert techno-functional knowledge and exposure to complex business processes. We employ learning pathways, where individual courses are mapped into specific programs. Each individual lesson should take the learner between two and four hours. Courses range from easy to advanced, with some courses as suggested prerequisites for the more difficult topics. Following the suggested sequence takes the learner from basics to mastery.

Building the edge for professionals

Our portal provides you with easy access to a variety of topics divided into a structure of course-specific categories, topics and sub-topics in aggregating relevance to provide information in a cohesive set of business processes and topics. of industry knowledge that most professionals will find. Interesting, useful, easily navigable and potentially profitable. Our comprehensive learning assessments include exercises and tests, all of which are tracked and reported for the benefit of our learners.

The Technofunc portal aspires to uplift and help all working professionals achieve their aspirations, goals and be of service to career development in general. The goal of the Technofunc approach is to create a technology-independent environment to share ideas related to all kinds of business skills and create a knowledge base essential for the growth of the professional.