What am I going to learn?

A wide range of topics across the business spectrum are covered, to better represent the interests of our rapidly changing industry. In addition to web-based courseware, our learning solutions include custom development.

Our content includes an extensive online library, with over 660 hours of course-based online content. Our programs are based on over 5,000 learning objects, which learners study at their own pace. A wide range of topics across the financial services spectrum are covered to best represent the interests of the rapidly changing industry. The web-based self-study program teaches the basics or “knowledge layer” of learning. Our comprehensive learning assessments include exercises, tests and learning-by-doing simulations, all tracked and reported for the benefit of our learners.

The potential impact and benefits of Technofunc resources can be varied and immense.

Consider these scenarios:

  • A financial adviser has a meeting with a potential new client. He knows that the new client is interested in hearing about alternative investments, but the advisor does not have much experience with these products. Using our search function, he can quickly search for alternative investments on our website and get familiar with hedge funds and prepare for a discussion with the client. It can take a quick course to get targeted learning. Benefit: Winning new business – increased revenue.
  • A back office administrator has an unusual business failure and must understand the settlement agreements of the transaction. The admin can quickly locate the material in the capital markets and understand the cross trades on the failed currency swap. Benefit: Minimizing errors reduces costs and increases the bottom line.
  • A private banker receives a large deposit from a new client with whom she would like to do business, but she needs to familiarize herself with anti-money laundering guidelines. She can use our resources to quickly locate information about Know-Your-Customer policies and procedures. Benefit: Reduced risk of opening a questionable account.
  • A banker tries to assess the creditworthiness of a new client and wants to dig deeper into how subordination and security affect debt structure. We provide quick access to an explanation of the subsidiary debt limitation clause. Benefit: Smarter loan decisions reduce the risk of bad debts.
  • Member of the board of directors of a bank hears a conversation about credit derivatives used to lower regulatory capital requirements and wants to know more. Using , she can search for specific information on the use of credit-related notes and credit default options for this purpose. Advantage: better able to assume fiduciary responsibility.
  • An IT professional was assigned to a new industrial area. Understanding key terms used in the industry is necessary to conduct an effective requirements gathering session. In our domain knowledge section, the associate can easily access general industry knowledge: understanding the industry, financial metrics and how companies make (and lose) money, customer perspective, customer orientation, products, prices, distribution, technology, combined with challenges and Risk management at all levels Benefit: better able to take on the new role and new professional responsibilities.
  • You have been recently promoted to manager and now planned to manage a team. Having no managerial experience, you can use our leadership section to learn more about project management, team management and self-awareness. Equip yourself with coaching skills and boost your professional presence. Benefit: Succeed in your role as a manager and lead an effective team

We also offer instructor-led training, blended learning, complementing the combination of web-based and instructor-led delivery, and custom development for businesses.