What are Functional Skills

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Functional knowledge is the practical, tangible and usable knowledge of a particular business function enabling the possessor to be able to carry out this activity. The Chartered Technofunctional Institute defines functional knowledge as knowledge of business processes and related concepts that explain the nature, causes, and effects of individual and integrated business activities.

What is functional knowledge?

Functional knowledge means knowledge of business processes. Functional knowledge is knowledge that can be included in different areas. Knowledge that can be effective in all domains is called domain-independent knowledge or functional knowledge, for example – financial processes, order-to-cash processes, procure-to-pay processes. All of these processes share common logics and fundamentals that remain true and valid across all domains, and this section is about understanding those fundamentals and standard business processes.

Why acquire functional knowledge?

Functional knowledge helps professionals understand how a business operates and what standard business processes are. It talks about best practices for particular areas. This understanding of knowledge of business fundamentals helps leaders think strategically and then make the right business decisions. This adds to their ability to think things through and make timely and appropriate business decisions.

How helps?

In this section we try to provide tutorials to understand the business processes which are fundamental for the development of strategic skills and good leadership and management skills for successful business leaders. We work very hard to keep the quality of the tutorials available here to be best in class. is currently offered as a free resource and added to with new tutorials daily. If you like our efforts, help us by recommending this website to your friends so that we can keep this knowledge base available to everyone for free. Please share the articles on your social network to spread the message. Browse the process-specific tutorials by clicking on the image of the business process area that interests you. Click here to see the tutorials available for functional knowledge.

Functional consultant :

Functional consultants are the experts with knowledge of business concepts and processes with an understanding of business flows. IT Functional Consultants are the experts with knowledge of business concepts and processes with an understanding of business flows with the added ability to analyze underlying software functionality against business expectations. In IT implementations, two types of knowledge experts are needed, one of the business experts who provides the knowledge about the current business process and its expectations from the future automated system. These expectations are converted into software code by technical experts who specialize in various technologies and understand terminology and computer language.

Functional consultants are usually domain-specific like finance, HR, manufacturing and procure-to-pay, etc. They have training and experience in the relevant business process area, for example, you will find a Chartered Accountant working as a general ledger subject matter expert. They acquire ERP / “Other software product” knowledge by following a short training on the ERP module in which they work. A functional knowledge of business processes and software makes a good functional consultant. A good functional consultant will have a deep understanding of business processes, product features, and the ability to come up with a solution for business needs.