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For self-paced learning and both beginner and advanced business training programs, also offers “off the shelf” business training products. Currently, hundreds of different packages cover functional areas, industry areas, and leadership skills.

Advanced case studies combined with online guidance, tutorials and analysis allow users to develop and implement complex strategies while mastering new business terms and concepts. Our electronic training products are also ideal supplements for our company seminars. Used before a seminar, they can enhance general business knowledge so attendees get more out of the seminar experience. Used after a seminar, they build skills and improve retention of new concepts and strategies.

has pioneered business solutions for a range of industries and businesses. Our unparalleled experience has produced a host of realistic simulations for industries ranging from consumer products and banking to services and utilities. Participants take control of a simulated business. In days, they can make years of critical decisions that affect day-to-day operations, short-term profits, and long-term growth. The unique structure of the simulations allows participants to see the big picture and recognize the trade-offs surrounding major business decisions at the strategic and tactical levels. Detailed reports after each simulation exercise provide immediate feedback and analysis. Participants see the direct result of their decisions as they affect stock value, market position, and bottom line. By placing participants in a ‘real’ market where critical business decisions need to be made, our simulations focus on and maximize an individual’s trading skills and potential for change.

This manual attempts to provide you with all the necessary information about ‘s training resources. It answers most questions you might have.

Do not hesitate to approach Rohini Aggarwal, Director . She is there to provide you with all the support you may need and also to take your feedback into account in order to improve.

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