Learner expectations

Course attendance is a participant commitment and in order to get the most out of the training courses, the learner must commit to meeting the program requirements.

Participant expectations

As a participant, our resources will provide you with deep understanding of the study area both at the strategic and operational level. You can update and improve your skills and gain a better and broader understanding of industry best practices while growing professionally and personally. Early career employees can update and improve their skills and gain a better understanding of the business in which their company operates.

  • Acquire new tools and techniques to maximize their management skills and accelerate your performance
  • Get to know yourself better as a professional
  • Give participants the opportunity to enhance their career

Time and resources:

During the course, you will be required to attend online training sessions. Additionally, you will also be heavily involved in related projects and additional exercises to reinforce key learnings. Keep in mind that we expect you to deliver meaningful results in your current role based on your new learnings.

Pre-training work:

Prior to each training, you may be asked to complete a list of pre-training activities. You will be responsible for bringing your work and experience to the course to ensure maximum impact.

Post-work training (Transfer of Learning):

You must actively work on yourself to transfer online learning into your daily work. As part of this process, you should continually set transfer learning goals, discuss them and agree with your supervisor.

Candidate profile

The ideal participant demonstrates high personal commitment, commitment and willingness to further develop their career and shows potential to take on a greater role in their career and must meet the following criteria:

  • Practical work experience
  • History of strong performance
  • Experience in leading a team or project
  • University degree or similar higher education level
  • Fluent English

Benefits of taking courses

Competitive advantage

As we move forward in building our resources, companies around the world already rely on us for their technical and functional expertise in finance and information management. Most importantly, our learners would have a competitive advantage over other professionals as our courses are outcome oriented and companies can see a huge improvement in the learner’s performance on the job after course completion. Exposure to leadership and project management tools such as six sigma and other methodologies that have become an integral part of today’s complex and aggressive global business arena is an added advantage.

Professional recognition

Our certification represents broad competence and mastery of various in-demand skills where professionals need to work with complex information systems and ever-changing business requirements. We provide a solid foundational knowledge of all the skills process and technology professionals need to succeed when working closely between IT and business. It adds value, boosts business performance, and enables you to effectively use IT systems, optimize business processes, and execute productivity initiatives. And learn to speak a common language understood across all business organizations, whether it’s ERP, project management, quality (Six Sigma), governance, risk and controls or the best industry practices, we help you figure it all out.

Personal growth and satisfaction

If you are at the start of your career, our course will help you build a career roadmap for you. After earning your qualifications in any functional area, you can gain confidence by taking our advanced courses that help you learn the business fundamentals and skills most needed for your career development. It will help you build your own career, whether you want to excel in business, a particular function, or IT systems, whatever technology your employer or client uses. For seasoned business or technology professionals, our framework shows practitioners the path to career advancement. If you are an auditor, you can now learn skills and competencies to conduct effective audits and report. If you are a consultant, you can provide effective business solutions to your clients. If you are a tech savvy, you can gain knowledge of business processes as well as fundamental functional knowledge of the best business processes and industry best practices in the world. Our community will help you learn some of the essential skills and we assure you that you will be happy to say the same when someone asks you: “Why should we hire you?”

Salary benefits

It’s a well-known fact that techno-functional skills, including the ability to effectively execute assignments and identify and mitigate business risks, will be among the most in-demand skills in the coming years. Techno-functionals have an advantage over functional and technical experts because they are able to understand both technology and business.