Technical to Functional Career Path

No other accounting, finance, or other degree gives you the opportunity to acquire technical skills as well as functional knowledge of business processes along with ever-changing business dynamics.

Most courses are designed for professionals who want to earn business know-how and enable technical or functional professionals to work more effectively in the exercise of their role, which is to increase productivityconduct operational excellenceensure quality, provide better solutions to complex business problems and drive cost reduction in their respective fields.

If you work in a modern, end-to-end integrated company, our courses will help you learn relevant skills, explore techno-functional opportunities and present your expertise and experience with more confidence. We’ll help you grow faster and faster in a complex IT business.

Adept in all related skills’

You will be able to anticipate and respond to the changing needs of clients, employers, customers and markets better than any other professional who does not have access to Technofunc’s resources. You will gain in-depth knowledge of the most widely used enterprise resource planning tools in the industry and important related areas such as SOX requirements, Six Sigma, risk controls and governance, systems auditing, and will be able to demonstrate this ability to integrate into the company’s decision-making process. You will have a formal education in the basics of key terms and all key processes applicable to your domain, which will greatly help you understand the terminology and business needs. This, combined with your technical knowledge, will help you deliver effective and efficient business solutions that will help accelerate your career.

Toolbox for professionals

Our tutorials are designed to enable our learners to excel and distinguish them as the most qualified and in-demand professionals who always act with a high degree of professionalism. We are looking for dedicated learners who are always committed to personal and professional development while pursuing a lifelong learning path. If you possess strategic thinking skills with the ability to link technology to business processes to provide quality advice to effective business solutions we have the right resources for you!

Technical & Functional Expertise’

We aim to bridge the gap between technical and functional expertise and have invested a lot of effort in creating tutorials on various business processes and industry knowledge. Our program is designed to equip an individual to leverage technology as well as learn critical business application processes as well as system integrity and security, systems auditing, project and management management. other key methods widely used today that help in the integration of phased business processes and practices. with the requirements that are dictated by companies, globalization and legislation. We help you gain expertise in technical and functional skills, which when applied collectively include professional competence and excellence.

Strong market demand

While many companies are opting for automated systems to track their business operations, more and more change initiatives are being undertaken by companies. This has created an ever-increasing demand for technical, functional and techno-functional resources. There is no dedicated community or portal available in the market that can assure employers and clients of the capability of these highly paid resources. The accredited talent pool is not keeping pace with demand, and there is no formal certification process to ensure the tech-savvy people they employ have the skills and expertise to understand the requirements of the industry. business and translate IT systems running into complex business models to make then effective for business goals. Most people working on complex projects have acquired their knowledge through experience rather than undergoing formal training recognized by professionals on how best to carry out their responsibilities. There is a huge shortage and the demand for qualified Techno-Functional Managers is at an extremely urgent level.

We enable you to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your techno-functional skills with the required business, domain and leadership skills.