Training Resources

Technofunc training resources are an online self-learning style development program combined with training sessions on business processes, domain knowledge and leadership skills that will help companies and individuals build their talent pipeline future leaders.

Technofunc tutorials provide the opportunity to learn and grow together by leveraging expertise and best practices from different companies. All of our training is development-focused, off-the-job training sessions combined with impactful business case studies and projects. This will give participants the opportunity to experience a wide variety of business and leadership skills. We provide a learning experience that gives future business leaders an overview and better understanding of business processes and domain, a variety of tools and techniques for managing performance, and the opportunity to practice their skills in a stimulating environment. A variety of learning techniques are used and candidates have the opportunity to spend time with our experienced senior managers.

The course material draws on the expertise and best practices of different companies and features project work as a key part of learning and development during the programme.

The reason we are the leading corporate learning provider can be summed up in one word – quality. Our courses are created with the most respected subject matter experts in the industry – prominent leaders in their fields, all of whom have significant online and teaching experience. Our technical architecture is based on a learning-by-doing approach using interaction to provide continuous personalized feedback and increase cognition and retention. Ours is the first knowledge delivery system that delivers the information employees need to increase their productivity, when they need it. Providing self-directed learning through searchable knowledge objects, our website content helps improve productivity by enabling users to quickly locate the information they need – at the point of impact, while they are actually their job.

We have created a rich repository of learning objects freely accessible online – concise capsules of information on specific topics, terms, calculations and problems. Our platform can also be used to research industry best practices, templates, offers, in-house developed training courses and presentations. All easily, easily accessible to all professionals. enables organizations to improve the performance and productivity of their most valuable resource – employees – with minimal support and intervention, and with the most cost-effective use of scarce resources.