Banking Domain Knowledge

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You will find below the feedback collected during a training session on knowledge of the banking sector

Please note that; The quotes below are provided by the various students through emails and messages over a period of time. For confidentiality reasons, names have been withheld.

Q1. What were your expectations of banking knowledge when you started , and to what extent were those expectations met? How?

A1: My main expectations were to broaden my banking knowledge, especially in areas where I am less involved in my day-to-day product management work and on the other hand to meet and work with peers from different organizations. As the TECHNOFUNC covered all banking knowledge during the 4 weeks of training, I had the chance to learn all aspects of banking from senior leaders and experts in particular fields. Moreover, the versatility of the participants also enhanced this great learning opportunity.

A2: TECHNOFUNC exceeded my expectations, just the right mix of training content and in most cases trainers. The theory was well supported by case studies. It was a course I really wanted to continue, it was so interactive, not the usual standard PowerPoint presentation. TECHNOFUNC gave me a broad perspective on universal banking and the importance of all functions in the organization. Beyond the training itself, one of the key things about TECHNOFUNC was the people and the great network we managed to create and hopefully keep it going.

A3: I expected this to also provide me with tools and techniques to manage banking performance. Until then, I could only approach it from an operational point of view, whereas the program allowed for a strategic vision and approach.

A4: My main expectations vis-à-vis TECHNOFUNC were the following: to deepen my knowledge of banking and my skills in project management. In this way, I could have improved the effectiveness of the product development initiatives undertaken by my company. At the same time, it would potentially increase my ability to undertake initiatives in other business areas. I consider that both expectations are met.

A5: First of all, the main expectation was to get an insight into the banking industry itself as well as to understand how banking is done in other countries. This was certainly achieved as we had the opportunity to listen/see how the different processes are set up and work in 6 different countries. The opportunity to get training from senior leaders was absolutely invaluable. Another important goal was to network and leverage that network while working on home business activities. TECHNOFUNC offered this great opportunity to the network first of all within the training team and also with the trainers. The cross-country project allowed to establish a real teamwork within the Project teams and it was really great. The third expectation was to gain a deeper understanding of certain business areas, for example risk management or SME client management. During four weeks on site, there were several extremely in-depth and useful trainings which made it possible to become familiar with certain very technical but important personnel, by way of example, I can cite: treasury, pricing, bank balance sheet analysis, product values ​​proposal, etc.

A6: I knew that this program covered knowledge in several different banking areas but also training in managerial skills. I was very interested in these subjects. At the beginning, I had doubts as to whether the questions that will be presented will be explained in an accessible way for people who have nothing in common with, for example, risk or finance. I have to admit experts with a lot of experience; enthusiasm and knowledge presented most lectures, in a very friendly manner. I also took a strong interest in the development of managerial soft skills, which are from my point of view, essential to lead groups of people but indirectly the whole company. Using various training methods, such as simulation, game scenes, lectures, self-analysis, I mean in an unimaginable way helped me better understand my working style, my environment. I also received tips on how I should work to be more efficient, stay motivated, lead people and, at the same time, get the most satisfaction from my job.