Retail Domain Training

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Below is feedback from a retail industry domain knowledge training session

A look back at the classroom session held in Bangalore in July 2020

  1. Once in the TECHNOFUNC program, my main expectations were to acquire knowledge on the best practices applied in the companies of the other participants and to create a network allowing to share the experience acquired during the application of these solutions at the local level. . From the point of view of time, I can say that both of these expectations have been fully met. Not only have we (members of TECHNOFUNC) had the opportunity to listen to managers who implement or own “best in class” solutions, but we have also had the chance to conduct our own research and even perform pilot tests once best practices have been applied. in our countries. Working in international teams on international projects has also greatly strengthened the networking ties between us, which I’m sure will continue in the future.
  2. When I started the TECHNOFUNC program, I had no particular expectations. I had no experience with an international program before. Focusing TECHNOFUNC on active work in small groups and then on presentation outings (during case studies) I evaluate very positively because it is the opportunity to learn from each other, on the other hand, it brings space for everyone and the networking during everything we’ve done is great! Very quickly, I realized that everyone in TECHNOFUNC was more than willing to share information and help each other.
  3. My biggest expectation was to learn more about the retail industry. What I really wanted was to get a picture of the main aspects of retail, which I certainly did, thanks to the various training courses in risk management, finance, marketing and distribution channels. Last but not least, I was interested in flexing my leadership abilities, which also happened, thanks to the courses on coaching and leadership awareness.
  4. My most important expectations from TECHNOFUNC were: to learn a lot in terms of knowledge of the retail industry, to meet open and friendly people from different countries, to improve language skills and to experience a fantastic adventure. I can honestly say that my expectations were met 100%. I spent over a year learning during TECHNOFUNC training with a group of friendly, helpful and open-minded people. Through various training methods, I have significantly improved my retail understanding, leadership, presentation and language skills. Due to many other activities, the time spent on the TECHNOFUNC training weeks was not only study but also adventure.