Impact of our Training Courses

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What has the Technofunc training changed in the way you work and collaborate in your daily work?

What has the Technofunc training changed in your work style and your communication style?

Banking student

Covering all the different areas of banking, Technofunc’s training taught me to see issues from different angles, brought in new aspects, and made me explore multiple alternatives while looking for a solution.

Leadership Skills Student

In my current role where I work closely on several projects with our local businesses, I appreciated everything that helped me develop my soft skills. The leadership courses helped me understand myself better. I became more aware of my strengths and development needs. I started planning my career more consciously without waiting for things to happen. I ask people to give their opinion, because it is a good development tool.

Business process student

Besides acquiring additional knowledge, I gained a broader view of how processes can be organized. Communication with people from other functions (Risk, Marketing, etc.) can now be better done using “their language”. In addition, it has heightened my self-awareness. I think defining common goals and a common responsibility to achieve those goals has to be part of the way we do things.

Team leadership student

Looking back at the beginning of Technofunc’s training program, I can see that yes, my collaboration and communication styles have changed. I became more confident in expressing myself, giving presentations, discussing strategic things, the state of the world economy, etc. I feel very open to understanding and am involved in other job processes, not just in my current role. Communication with senior management has become easier because, firstly, we have been trained in presentation, verbal and non-verbal communication management and, secondly, the expectations of senior management have become clearer. I will introduce some changes regarding communication within my team, more coaching and leadership, rather than direction and mentoring.

Banking student

The Technofunc training allowed me to know how my work can affect the work of others, how this huge mechanism called Bank works. Therefore, I think I changed my attitude towards other people’s work. It seems to me that I listen to people more carefully, trying to understand their needs and where it is possible to help them achieve their goals, which are in fact our common goals. And as I mentioned before, I try to organize my time and prioritize tasks differently in order to meet all deadlines but also improve my weaknesses.

Leadership student

Although my working style was not changed that much by the Technofunc training, I started to adjust my communication style according to the recipient. This was prompted by one of Technofunc’s training classes, where we learned the working and interaction styles of 4 different people. This knowledge reminded us that not all of us necessarily enjoy Excel analysis or drawing maps in Visio, but there are different ways to effectively communicate with and manage each of these groups if you are leading a project.

I feel more inspired and my leadership is more developed (in terms of feedback, information, strategy). I have an overview and an overview of best practices in the external market, I can better define my own strategy in line with the global strategy. A better imagination on the tools to direct the whole organization.

Team leadership student

I am now able to manage my team more effectively. My presentation skills have also improved. Even though the 1st wave of Technofunc training is over, I consider myself to be at the beginning. At the beginning of a cycle of personal development, because the learning must continue. My work style will therefore adapt according to this plan. Thanks to the participation in the Technofunc training, I understood that the best way to improve and grow is to ask questions and be curious to learn. Understand that in my daily work I am not afraid to ask questions and try to learn new things every day. What’s more I am more open to cooperation with others and enjoy teamwork. As a result, I am much more confident of the management team in my day-to-day work.